Thanks for dropping by. All Im doing here is sharing various things I see, read, do, hear, feel, make etc…

Whats the Ink & Iron reference all about.. I love my Ink, from my tatts – general art – reading and writing, and the I love Iron in all its forms, from lifting to motorcycle, cars, tools.. I was even going to try and get Leather in the name, I also love my leather — But Ink & Iron sounded a little shorter/cooler.

So why, why make this site, well thats a pretty convoluted story, but basically many of my friends really urged me to create a place where they could find links, some of my thoughts through writing, and references to many of the podcasts, books (text and audio), video’s, news stories, and general other diverse topics I’d discuss with them… I know I know your probably thinking, dude like just Facebook already or insta, or snapchat, or tweet.. welllllll Im not there on those platforms — i don’t like em.. just don’t, and right now just won’t.

This blog will evolve and mature over time, I HOPE.. as I get more proficient with how to best organise, express, and share things.  It will include discussion and references to topic areas like:

  • Podcasts
  • Books (Text and Audio)
  • Websites
  • Documentaries
  • Movies, TV Series
  • including:
    • Health and Fitness
    • History
    • Science: Bio, Techno, Psycho, Eco, etc..
    • Politics, Sex, and Religion
    • Arts: Tattoo, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
    • Leather, Wood, Metal work along with other Artisan and Craftsman areas
    • Food, not so much on the beer, wine and spirits — but a little
  • and a WHOLE lot of my ranting, opinions, thoughts and well what ever else comes to mind

OK thats probably far to much, but its a start..

Thanks again.