Ying and Yang of Insulin and Glucagon

Insulin and Glucagon are two key hormones involved in weight management/fat-loss, understanding these hormones, what they do, what triggers them is absolutely essential for anyone/you gaining control of their/your body, and ultimately achieving our goals.

Im always looking for good – simple – visual demonstrations/explanations on how hormones work, especially insulin and glucagon.. the following is a great one for this purpose…

I’d add a couple of points thats not made clearly in the video:

  1. the presence of either insulin or glucagon is mutually exclusive, that is, there is either one or the other circulating in your bloodstream at any time.. there is either the presence of;
    • Insulin and therefore your body is effectively in absorption mode – storage mode  – especially  of excess glucose into fat cells – therefore fat gain mode, or
    • Glucagon and therefore your body is effectively in fat excretion/utilisation mode – taking the energy out of your fat cells into your bloodstream to use — this is the golden period of FAT LOSS
  2. The release of insulin is effectively triggers as soon as any substance with calorie value from either carbohydrates (simple or complex), or protein to a lesser extent are consumed, this could be as simple as a latte or fruit juice or cracker or tictac – things that small trigger the release of insulin – and therefore immediately stop the presence of glucagon — meaning the body move directly into storage vs utilisation mode…  fat does not stimulate the release of insulin – this is one reason what LCHF/Keto diets are effective at weight loss, because they minimise the presence of insulin, and maximise the presence of glucagon.

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