I’m often asked what Podcasts I listen too, well its a very mixed bag, as I spend so much time travelling (planes, trains, automobiles) I find listening to Podcast a awesome way to be entertained, informed, educated, and even challenged. Yes thats right challenged.. many podcast subjects can real challenge long and deeply held beliefs across a wide range of areas: religion, politics, history, and health and fitness.

Ive listened to a lot, stayed with some – abandoned many.. the following are my core current set of go to podcasts.. Im always looking for more – so from time time I’ll update this with new ones.

For each I’ll provide some context, and rationale for why I favour it.  The basics for me are that the podcaster is passionate about whatever they are talking about, they look and comment on things from multiple dimensions, perspectives, and declare any bias but also have a style that welcomes alternate views, evidence, etc…

Ok so here we go.. these are my core podcasters.. many have come and gone.. but these just keep getting better.

Dan Carlin Podcasts

Dan  Carlin is seen as one of the premier podcasters with an incredible conversational style, through provoking and in many ways challenging, his passion and interests is channeled through two channels Common Sense focused on social and political commentary, and Hardcore History covering both ancient and modern.

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Daniele Bolelli – History on Fire

Daniele Bolelli, is a history professor who brings a very insightful look at many of our historical events, characters, periods, heroes, and villains .. he has a thick Italian accent which bring another dimension of uniqueness to his storytelling.


Jocks Podcast

Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy Seal, Author of Extreme Ownership (AWESOME BOOK), BJJ practitioner, and general awesome guy.. he isn’t a Rambo or Arnold Commando type of guy, he’s incredibly insightful, balanced, professional.. his focus is generally on Leadership, and exploring how everyone can learn to be better through leveraging his, and others, lessons and learning of combat leadership applied to business and life.. his core message is Extreme Ownership.. as per his book


Sam Harris – Waking Up

Ok .. you open minded, and up for extremely intellectural yet real, and meaningful discussion.. the Sam Harris is a great place to start, he’s what I’d call a modern philosopher, social commentator, and thought leader..  WARNING.. you have to leave your traditional thinking/mindset/perspectives at the door, and LISTEN to every word, wait and comprehend the core of his message.. once you dial into his and many of his guests thinking.. its like a light going on and you, well I at-least, start to see and think of the world, our views, and our communities a very very different way.


Julie Foucher – Pursuing Health

OMG Julie Foucher, how can you not fall into the deepest respect, admiration, and maybe a crush on Julie… She’s a medical student in the US, who has risen to notoriety through her Crossfit career as a games athlete, and just generally amazing quality person.  Her goal in this podcast is to explore/expose knowledge and insights across health and fitness, athletic capabilities and mindsets.. someone to watch over time.. only going to get better.


Darryl Cooper – Martyr Made

Darryl Cooper is the creator of The MartyrMade Podcast, jumping headfirst into the fever dreams of human history, never checking the depth until he’s in over his head. His intoxicated fascination with the humans is an endangered species surviving in the delicate ecosystem of a generalist mind utterly devoid of academic discipline, and in shameless violation of all known rules regarding credulity, speculation, and interdisciplinary quarantine.


Ok more to come but this is a good start

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